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International Soccer Showcase Trials: SPAIN – ASIA – AFRICA – NORTH & SOUTH AMAERICA – UAE - UK


During the past 13 years, ISSC has established an extensive scouting network, which covers a huge spectrum of Professional & Semi Professional Scouts and contacts from clubs in the UK as well-as Spain and throughout Europe. Our Scouting network, representing League Clubs from the English Football Leagues from the Conference National Leagues, up to the Premier League, together with La Liga, Segunda, and Segunda B in Spain and over to the Bundesliga in Germany and then further into Europe and throughout the world, from semi pro to professional, our Open trials days and football trial events will provide a platform and genuine opportunities for players to gain exposure and to be scouted.

After 4 years of research and development


We revolutionize the way Football player scouting is delivered, all over the world.

Via a safe, secure streaming and broadcasting platform, registered Scouts from Professional and semi-professional clubs, academies, and development centres, will be given access to an exclusive live video portal on their PC, tablet, or other viewing device, within the comfort and safety of their office, home, or training centre.

Our showcase matches will be organized locally by onsite staff at venues all over the world, professional camera and film crews will broadcast all matches LIVE, in their entirety, just like you were watching a live match on TV.


Multi angle, close, wide and specific action areas with full panoramic views of action areas will be covered, ensuring that ALL players and action areas are delivered clearly in FULL or UHD format.

Scouts or club representatives, from their locations, can watch all showcase matches and interact in real time with onsite staff, players with potential can be identified easily, and scouts will have secure communication link directly with a head official, live at the venue, who will be able to take any instructions given to them and passed on to any player, or representative on site. This can be done via an exclusive communication portal which only the scout will have access to.


Access the data you need....

Our communications portal will be an online dashboard with control and interactive functions.


Access to player details, shirt numbers on the day of the trial’s matches for easy identification, relevant information such as Educational and academic status, previous clubs, national appearances, coach references and reports etc.

You can also messege our staff directly on site

The Software....

  • Instant video streaming access to LIVE football trials matches around the world

  • Multi functional dashboard controls

  • Access player data and information

  • Direct contact with on-site staff and representatives

  • Select in real time players of interest

  • Full or UHD video format

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Scouts will have prior knowledge of all players with exclusive access to our player database, before the trials starts.


Successful players could be selected and offered a direct invitation to club trials from any number of watching scouts, from anywhere in the world via this platform, trials confirmation and invitations will be sent directly to on site representatives, who will officially present it to successfully selected players, after the trials


The necessary arrangements will then be made for the player to travel. Should extra viewing or footage be required, all matches will be recorded, these recordings will be made available for any additional verification or ‘second look’ opportunities.

What Are The Costs?

We are offering a complete membership service which will last for a 12 month period, including:

  • Full unlimited service access

  • Guaranteed Service supply (if any service is interrupted, you will be rewarded a refund based on pro rata basis)

  • Unlimited player contact and access to 100s of player profiles.

  • Up to 30 LIVE broadcasted trials events per year from all over the world.

Price per 12 months: £4,995GBP +VAT

Sign up before August 31st and receive 12 months extra FREE!

We would be happy to discuss your membership in full and to arrange a meeting in person or a video conference to give you a more complete presentation.

Please note: Call back service is only for enquiries regarding our streaming service and not for player memberships.



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