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Full Time INTERNATIONAL Residential Education & Football Academy Courses

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Courses from September 12th 2022



We offer players on long-term courses, during which, apart from training and playing football, they can continue their academic training in the schools of Spain, study languages and get the qualifications of football coach and referee, all living in the surroundings of a Spanish League Football Club.


Players will have the unique opportunity to train and play at Spanish League Football Club, attending the daily training sessions, in which they will be directly under the supervision of club and ISSC coaches and representatives, the players will also have the opportunity to demonstrate their qualities to other scouts and technicians of European clubs during their stay.


The aim of these courses is to offer all players the knowledge, skills and experience so that they can develop a work activity in the fitness, leisure and sports industry, beyond a possible career in professional football.

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Combined Football and academic studies

Courses are open to all nationalities, players must be between 16 & 23 years of age whilst attending courses

Players on long-term yearly Courses will spend their Academy camps attend education & Language Courses which will be encompassing a Professional Football Club environment, players will complete Educational and enhanced UEFA Football Coaching as part of their Academy course experience and will attend an accredited International School based in Spain.

Players will have the unique opportunity of training and playing within a Spanish League Football Club, daily enhanced coaching and training sessions will enable you to be directly under the watching assessment of club and ISSC coaches along with other team representatives, players will also be showcased to other European club scouts throughout their course.

The aim of the courses is to equip you with the knowledge, skills and expertise in order to build a career within the fitness, leisure and sports industry employment beyond a possible career in Professional Football.

Educational courses

12th September 2022


1 Academic Year COURSE (September to June)

Training with ISSC and within a Spanish League club

Injury and treatment Education (The human body)

Price per person



2 Year Academic COURSE

Training with ISSC and within a Spanish League club

2 YEAR Academic Education & Language Course

Football Coaching Course

Price per person



3 Year Academic COURSE

Training with ISSC and within a Spanish League club

3 YEAR Complete Academic Education & Language Course

Potential platform to University degree 

Football Coaching & Referee Course

Price per person


All Educational courses are subject to criteria acceptance

Elite Showcase Camps

Short Term (just Football)


ELITE SHOWCASE 14 WEEKS (September to December)

Training with ISSC and within a Spanish league club

NEXT CAMP 12/09/2022

Price per person


What is included in the price

Full board accommodation including all meals

Training with UEFA-licensed coaches

Live Showcase matches

Education studies

(1, 2 and 3 year courses only)

Training & Kit wear

VISA application costs (first application, long term courses only)

Wi-Fi and laundry services

Digital tv channels in room

Team building trips and Excursions

Trials in semi-professional and professional football clubs

Injury and liability insurance

(additional travel insurance required)

Airport Transfers

Advice by former pro footballers

Performance analysis and evaluations

Training advice, matches and trials

Attendance at live La Liga matches