Trials Fees and Costs
Why do we charge for a Football Trial?

We do charge for our trials to ensure we offer you the very best chance and opportunity to showcase your talent to our highly experienced coaches. 

All our coaches are UEFA Licenced and our scouts have contacts with clubs all over the world.

You will receive the very highest standard of Football training available anywhere in the world.

Our coaches and scouts are travelling all over the world to find talent, and potentially Professional Footballers who have remained largely undiscovered or who are not yet associated to any Football Club, especially in the UK or Europe.

We are required to cover accommodation and travel costs for our staff managing the trial events.

We will also cover additional costs for:

Venue hire costs


Injury treatment

Lunch and On site drinking water

Changing facilities

Training wear

Additional on-site staff

Plus we will cover all accommodation and food expenses for players who are selected from the trials to attend a fully residential Academy camp in Spain.


Players from each age group from each trial venue will be invited to attend Academy camps FREE of charge

Please Note: Your trials registration will not be confirmed until a payment has been made, in full.

We will contact you with instructions on how to complete this

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