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Cairo 27th September 2022
Venue to be confirmed

£35.00 GBP per person
(Approximately 747 Egyptian Pounds)
ISSC Egypt Football
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International Soccer Showcase


Your pathway to success

  • Our events our solely organised for the benefit of you, the player.

  • Attending our try-out days puts you directly in the the spotlight of Football scouts and representatives all over the world.

  • Scouts watch you play, assess you and make an evaluation as to whether YOU would be suited for a career in Football. You could be directly invited for club trials anywhere in the world.

  • Players could also be exclusively invited to attend our Spanish Academy Camp up to 2 to 4 weeks in length and form a unique Elite Showcase squad, you will train up to 3 times per week and your squad will tour Spain, playing against pre arranged 'Showcase Matches' against Spanish Football clubs.

  • Scouts from across Europe will be invited to watch you directly.

  • Players will not be charged any fees towards any trials or camps they are invited on (except flights and visa costs, if required)

  • Accommodation, meals and training, including all subsequent matches will be FREE of charge, just bring your pocket money!

Our Try-out events will typically start at, after the registration period and player check in (be sure to arrive at 09.00 to avoid delays)

The try-outs will held over a 1 day period, typically a Saturday or Sunday (unless otherwise stated) and will be between approximately 10am and 19.00pm but sometimes later, there will also be a lunch break.

Times may vary due to weather and facility circumstances


After the completion of the trials, our scouts will select the best players from each trials who, at a later date, will be invited to attend 

You can also directly book your try-out below, You will secure your place immediately
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