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Football Trials In your Community

International Soccer Showcase Limited & HOME aid is an International Company that focuses on the improvement of health through sport and in the home.


In addition to our Football Trials platform,  HOME aid is specifically focused on improving health and education by supplying free much needed health resources to the wider community.


The overarching aim is to provide soccer, education and improve health in the home. 

Our pilot programme in the UK, Spain, Africa and India will begin in 2022 and then expand to other African Counties throughout 2023

We aim to scout players from across the world via our Football community projects and give them the platform to play in front of scouts from professional and semi-professional clubs across Europe.


HOME aid aim is to give players from communities in throughout the world access to Football Development and coaching, together with urgent first aid and medical recourses with training and support for an improved quality of life and family support.


Children will also enjoy professional Football coaching and experience the level of training that is given at European club level, to help players achieve their goal of a career in football.

Your generous donations are vital to help this cause succeed so please, donate what you can, it all helps.



Providing Soccer & Education

Promoting Health in the Home

Reaching out to communities in Poverty

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